NFS set up with OS X 10.9 Mavericks

One way to set up NFS shares on OS X 10.9.x

Summary: On OS X create “exports” text file describing your share that you want to export over NFS. is not necessary or needed. On the client the fstab file will describe the client end where the share gets mounted. Note: use whatever text editor you wish, whether it is vi, nano or TextWrangler, etc.


1. “sudo vi /etc/exports” example:

/MySharedFolder -maproot=nobody

2. “sudo nfsd checkexports”

Check the correctness of exports file

3. “sudo nfsd enable”

Start nfsd

Note: run “sudo kill -1 `cat /var/run/`” is nfsd had been running previously and you want to reread exports.

4. “/usr/bin/showmount -e”

Test the share. It should show something like: “/MySharedFolder Everyone”


1. “mkdir /MyShare”

Make the mount point for the NFS share

2. “vi /etc/fstab”

Edit the fstab file to show the mounts you wish to have

Example: /MyShare nfs rw,async,noatime 0 0

4. “mount -a”

Mount all

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